Rib City Grill Fundraiser

- Show Us Your Colors -


Ask how Rib City Grill can help you fundraise all year long...


What is "Show Us Your Colors"?

It's where you eat some great BBQ and help your favorite charity raise money all year long.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  Rib City Grill was looking for a way to be able to say “YES!” to every non-profit organization that wanted their support, so they developed the Rib City Show Us Your Colors (SUYC) Fund Raising Program.  This program is designed to be in place all year long and is a great solution for schools and non-profit organizations, looking for ways to fundraise money for themselves.

To participate:  Supporters of SUYC registered non-profit organizations can go to the Rib City Grill locations in Grand Junction, Fruita, or Rifle, for dine in, take out or catering, and get the final receipt stamped for SUYC.  For every $10 spent on food, excluding tax and gratuity, Rib City Grill will give 5% back, directly to the participating organization of choice.  Collect SUYC stamped receipts for a designated period of time, or collect all year long. The more organized the effort – the more funds that can be raised! The sky is the limit on how many funds can be raised for your favorite participating organization. When an organization is ready to cash in, they simply turn in all of their stamped receipts for CASH!

Two Ways To Participate:

Option 1

Click the image below to download your registration form and print if off.

When you're finished you can email it, send it or bring it by any participating RCG.

359 Colorado Ave, # 203, Grand Junction, Co 81501


Option 2

Click the button below to go to an online registration page with instructions.

When you finish the form, click "registration" and you're done. No muss, no fuss...