+ What is Real Bar-B-Q

It's good, it's authentic. It's not out of a bottle. It is about knowing the characteristics of each type of meat, and cooking it to bring out the best flavor and consisitency. One example is our ribs; you don't need a knife to eat them. The meat is falling off the bone delicious.

+ Where does your food come from

When possible we use locally grown produce and fruit. Mike is a shopper. He wants only the finest ingrdients married to the consistency of preparation--why? So that when you think about the mouth watering ribs and apple pie you had last visit, when you walk through the door next time we deliver the same experience and delight.

+ What kind of catering do you do?

There are three different ways we can cater you event. First, we can by provide you your food To-Go, you pick-it-up. Second, we can cater and deliver your food to your event. Third, we go all the way, bringing the food, and setting up the tables to serve the food, and take it all down again.

+ Do you really use your family's recipes?

We really do. My mom was a great cook, and she had some amaizing and delicious recipes. For instance, we use my mom's Pecan Pie and Key Lime Pie recipe because I love them.

+ How important is the wood you use?

It's really important. Certain woods burn hotter and provide better coals and impart different flavors. We bring in Hickory from Arkansas, and Applewood from Missouri.